MS Amlin World Triathlon Bermuda

March 25, 2018

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Raceday offers Fully-Assembled bike transport from select cities/states. After clicking on the Fully-Assembled transport option, locate the “Transport” drop-down menu. These cities/states have been selected as the primary pickup locations. If your chapter has a large group of 10+ participants and you are not within 90 miles of these pickup locations, please CONTACT US to request inclusion of your city/state.

The exact date and time of your bicycle pickup will be emailed and confirmed by February 19th. In the interim, please use March 4-6 for Eastern and Central time zones. Please use March 7-9 for Mountain zone. Please use March 8-10 for Pacific time zone.

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Event Services

The services listed above are all available for this event.  For more information on each of our services, please hit the button to view our Services Page where you will find a summary of each service.