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We treat your ride like it’s our own.

  • Bike Transport Wrapping

Raceday’s Vital-Care Protection

Raceday Transport’s job #1 is the transport and care of your bicycle. Our carpeted, specialty flooring and wrap techniques ensure that your bike is transported with the utmost care and protection.

Fully-Assembled Transport Request

Raceday Transport offers Fully-Assembled bike transport from six regions throughout the United States.
To request an EVENT, BIKE SHOP, or a REGION, go directly to #3 below.


region transport map

1. Check the Event Pages

Based on athlete requests, Raceday Transport will activate a Region, Route, and Bike Shop to an event or race. Simply look for your event on the events page and check to ensure the the Fully Assembled Bike Transport option is open for that event, choose the store you wish to drop your bike off at and complete the rest of the required info to purchase.


2. Check the services available for your event

3. Event, Bike Shop or Region not activated?

If you do not see your Event, Region, or local Bike Shop activated for your event, please complete the Request Form below. We’ll do our best to activate that Event, Region, or add your local Bike Shop to our network and notify you once this is done.


Transport Request Form

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